Issue Four – April 2013

Our 4th issue of Al Hawiyya offers special coverage of some of the events of Beirut’s 4th annual Israeli Apartheid Week, taking place from March 11th to 16th. We hope that this issue serves as a documentary of this week and relays the debates and reflections of solidarity and struggle.

Issue 2 – February 2013

Granting civil rights – the freedom to work, own property, and move without military oversight – is a concrete way for Lebanon to embolden these communities and reinsert Palestinian refugees into the struggle. The Palestinian fight for survival in Lebanon is an obscured and unnecessary battle against the oppressive policies of our state. Granting civil rights is permits Lebanon’s 300,000 refugees the mere possibility of resistance. Without this waste of warm bodies, creative energy, and hope, the road to return will become that much clearer.

Issue One – December 2012

Al-Hawiyya was first produced in 2004 by a committed group of individuals dedicated to voicing the political and societal aspirations of Palestinian youth at AUB. In its own right, it succeeded in its mission for over three years, when its last volume appeared in spring of 2007. The Palestinian Cultural Club has decided to bring back Al-Hawiyya because today more than ever it is important that we as supporters of the Palestinian cause affirm our presence as a unified and determined voice in AUB’s student body.